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What does the summer mean to you? For some it means very little, for others it’s a time to take a vacation, laugh around a campfire, or simply go on an adventure. Those who have spent the last eight years coming to the Brain Injury Camp would tell you it’s not only a vacation or an adventure, but a time to truly connect with like-minded people with no preconceptions or judgements of any kind.

Nestled next to the pristine North Skookum Lake where the sun rises and sets among towering trees of old growth, sits a campground filled with people laughing, connecting, and pondering life’s pitfalls with its successes. There are seminars like “Rooted in Rights”, presented by the Disability Rights of Washington, which starts conversations about how “disability rights, are human rights”. Workshops like the “Expressive Collage” provide an avenue for creative self-expression, while activities like the “Fishing Derby” utilize the picturesque lake to foster a sense of relaxation and fun. As the week of camping counts down to its final days, many are gearing up for the “Zombie Charge”. Two teams, humans versus zombies, in a nerfed out capture the flag style competition that highlights the overall enthusiasm and joy that many take away from this camping experience.

So then, why should you come? Why sponsor or donate to this event? The Brain Injury Camp is more than just a vacation, more than just an adventure, or a single support session. This camp is a chance to get away from the pressures of life and world, and allow yourself to be comfortable in your skin. To be somewhere you know that no one will ever judge you or tell you that you can’t do something merely because of a disability. In fact, there are no people with disabilities at camp, just people healing and connecting from one moment to the next. For those who spend their days isolated and ostracized by the world around them, this can be a lifesaving experience, and that alone is reason enough to do it.

Don’t wait, sport a smile and plan ahead for an invigorating camping experience. The 9th Annual Brain Injury Camping will be going from July 18th through 24th of 2016 at North Skookum Lake, Washington.
Our Sponsors make it possible for us to provide this at no charge to survivors or their families, as well provide tents, mattresses, sleeping bags and some meals. As well as dozens of workshops and activities. Over the years brain injury camp has supported hundreds of people to attend this life changing experience. Please we need your support to continue providing this opportunity. Not only does your support help many, your name will reach thousands on our leading social media pages, on our radio network and on all websites and marketing material so not only is it a great advertising investment your donation is completely deductible


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