Humans vs Zombie Basic rule


Humans Vs Zombies Rules:
Rules of the Game:

Objective: The objective of playing Humans vs. Zombies is to have a good time, meet new people, and have plenty of stories of badassery to tell over the course of lunch during the long winter months. That being said, the “human survivor team” has a goal of surviving the duration of the game while completing various missions. The “zombie team” have a goal of nom-noming the humans over the course of the game, and possibly completing a few missions of their own.


Human Play

All players (except for the Initial Infected) start off as human survivors. Humans will be given missions several times a day, with various rewards given upon completion. Rewards may include helpful information for a future mission, adjustments to how zombies respawn, weapons to be used against the growing zombie horde, or any number of other useful things.

Humans must identify themselves at all times by wearing a bright orange band around their arm, designating themselves as a player. This armband may not be hidden or concealed. Be proud of your humanity! If you leave your dormitory, it needs to be on. The Moderator Staff recommends adding classy orange armbands to your sleepwear; your significant other will love it!

Humans may stun zombies by either hitting a zombie with a thrown sock or a launched foam dart or disc. Socks/Darts/Discs must be airborne when they contact with the zombie for the hit to be valid. Upon being struck with a sock/dart/disc, the zombie must move their headband to around their neck to show that they are stunned and immediately make their way to one of the Zombie Spawn Points. Stunned zombies may not interact with the game in any way, and must leave the general playing area (no play during workshop times)
A human who is tagged by a zombie must immediately remove their armband from their arm, and hang it around their neck as if they were a stunned zombie. The ‘dead’ human should then give their index card to the zombie that killed them so that the kill may be logged on the website. The ‘dead’ human is then out of play until they tag a Zombie Spawn Point, after which they may tie their armband around their head and continue play as one of the walking dead.

Zombie Play

Zombies get hungry. Often. With that in mind, a zombie’s primary mission is to tag as many humans as possible. All active zombies must wear a bright headbands around their head, to designate that they are active players who are on the prowl. Headbands may not be concealed under hoodies, masks, etc, and must be easily visible from a distance. Show the world how hungry you are!

One or more player(s) is/are chosen at random from a list of volunteers to be the Initial Infected. That player is not revealed publicly until either 5 kills have been made or the first sunset of gameplay occurs, whichever comes first. During the “hidden” period, the OZ may wear his headband around his arm and masquerade as a human. After the OZ has achieved at least 5 kills or let the sun set, the OZ must wear his bright band around his head like other zombies.

Tagging a human must be a ‘firm’ touch. Tags may be one-handed, and should be felt by both parties. Tagging items worn, such as backpacks, foam blasters, etc., count as valid tags. Upon leaving a area, a zombie must count aloud for 5 seconds. Only after the 5 second count has occurred may a zombie make a tag. Upon tagging a human, be sure to collect your half of the ID card from the ‘slain’ human for bragging rights. If the human does not have an ID #, or disputes your tag, both of you should then find a moderator to work out the matter.
A thrown sock or foam dart/disc that contacts a zombie stuns them. If you are stunned, hang your headband around your neck to show everyone that you are stunned, and immediately make your way to a Zombie Spawn Point. Interfering with active players while stunned will make you unpopular with both sides, and likely get you removed quickly from the game. If you are stunned, you MUST physically touch a Zombie Spawn Point before resuming play in the game.
Zombies may not carry objects around as shields. Zombies may also not move objects to create shields or mobile forts for other Zombies. Zombies may hide behind terrain features such as trees, bushes, and hills; just don’t try to move them from where you find them.

Important Equipment:

1 bright armband/bandana. Humans wear them on their arms; Zombies on their heads.
Balled up socks. Please do not add weights to socks, or any other methods of getting around this rule. Just use balled up socks.
A Foam Dart or Disc blaster, such as the popular Nerf or Buzzbee toys. Water-based squirt guns, laser pointers, Airsoft guns, and Gel-style pellet guns are not allowed, . If you’re not sure about something, ask a moderator.
A 3×5 Index Card. Index Cards will contain your name and ID#. You must always have your index card with you while you are playing.
A watch, cell phone, or other way to keep track of time
Sturdy yet comfortable shoes. You’ll need them.

Important Game-specific Rules:

Homemade or modified foam ammunition will be allowed on a case by case inspection basis. All ammunition must be reasonably safe. We reserve the right to disallow any ammunition or other equipment that we feel to be unsafe.
All modified foam blasters must be inspected for safety prior to play by a moderator. Game is active in playable areas only. Non-play areas will include, but are not limited to, cooking area, campfire,
No cars, , tree-climbing, or such hazardous activities. Let’s stay with our feet on the ground.
No melee or hand-to-hand weapons. This includes Nerf-brand swords and battle axes, pool noodles, etc.

Safe Zones:

Humans are considered safe from Zombie attack inside of any safe areas. Safe areas include all workshop times, , in tents, and rest rooms,. Humans must have both feet outside of any safe areas to be ‘killed’, and likewise zombies must have both feet outside the safe zone to make a ‘kill’. Humans may stun zombies from within these safe zones, in order to escape. We ask that Humans not shoot into safe zones when possible; we require that both sides not abuse this rule for The safe zones are safe. Don’t be a a$*.

Certain areas (such as the road) will be marked as No Play Zones. While you can obviously go to your car if you need to, there are not many reasons to legitimately be in the road or other non play areas during the course of the game. Violation of this rule may result in your eviction from the game.


Missions are critical to the survival of the Human race. Zombies will also have various missions to accomplish throughout the game. There are a variety of possible rewards for completing these missions, and they are by far where a great deal of the fun comes in playing the game. A Mission Schedule will be posted and be common knowledge, so that everyone knows where and when to receive their missions.

Special Zombies

During the course of the game, as a mission reward, “Special Zombies” may (or may not) come into play. These Zombies may have special abilities that they can use to assist their Horde. We will do our best to communicate to all players any special rules that may apply.

Non-Participant Play

Do not disturb people who are doing other things and are not playing in the game there

Moderators, Non-Player Characters (NPCs), and Volunteers

Moderators are game referees who are here to make sure your game runs safely and in a fun manner. Moderators are designated by wearing a yellow armband so that you may identify them from a distance. If you have a problem with another player, wish to report a rules violation, disagree with whether you were tagged or not, etc., find a Moderator remember its all for fun moderators call stands

NPCs are various individuals designed to help flesh out the story and make the game more fun. NPCs may be ‘killed’ like any other Human by Zombies during gameplay, so it is a good idea for the Humans to protect those who may be able to give them aid. NPCs will be marked by wearing an armband on each arm.

In addition, we will likely be in need of Volunteers. If you have a spare hour or two that you’re willing to not play, come sign up to take a shift at giving us a hand running this thing. We will have a signup sheet at Check-In for various shifts.

The Traditional 5 Commandments of HvZ

Have Fun.
Don’t be Stupid.
Don’t Get It Banned.
Don’t be a Prick.
Play fair and play for fun


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