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Living Simple: Many of us live our lives at high speeds. We move from one moment to the next, often with little rest in between. We make obligations beyond our ability to cope and increase stress to unhealthy levels. Excuses soon emerge to justify these tendencies and we subsequently seek out the “cure-all” to cope with the very thing we cause. In our seminar “Living Simple”, we’ll have a discussion about stress-related symptoms, the complexity of our health, the importance of diet, and how simple prevention methods can possibly lead to beneficial outcomes when attempting to optimize a healthy lifestyle.


Humans Vs Zombies – Zombie Posse:

In this twisted edition of HvZ, the “Human” players will have to volunteer for life or death scenarios. These scenarios stop either when the proper conditions have been met or all of the volunteers have turned Zombie.For some missions, if the latter occurs the humans will be put through a “punishment” scenario.


greating card lady

With Diane Rasch I call her the greating card lady, lets help her so she can make sure everyone in the world gets a card, just because she will do a workshop and why that is so important to her and how she is going to make it happen as you are making cards. Good time good reason nothing says you can like a card from Diane



expressive art 350

Expressive Art Therapy: You don’t need to be an artist or have any artist ability to create your own master piece. Starts off with a soul searching topic and question followed by self-reflection and then we put it on canvas. We will have nice boxed Canvases this year so it will be something you will want to put up on your wall. You may bring your own canvas for a specific size piece you want to make. No talent needed, all you need to be able to feel what is going on inside of you Have deep feelings or emotions about something and get it out of you.


twisted tale

Twisted Tales: After brain injury we can say the meanest things, things that cuts through someone’s hearts. Our words are more powerful than you realize. One word said at the right time can change another person’s life forever. And it can be good or bad. We will practice these speech skills as well as laugh very hard it is an amazing lesson to our own well-being when we begin to realize that we are responsible for our own words and the effect of them



Equine Therapy

The Equine Therapy Workshop will cover the broad-based therapeutic techniques of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and the history behind human animal interaction. Our discussion will start from the dynamic of human animal interaction in relation to Native Americans and horses, along with their appreciation for all animals. Specifically, we’ll be discussing how EAP works and how it is administered through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) model. The EAGALA model will be covered in depth in accordance with their guidelines and how it is set apart from traditional therapies but also how it is an “add-on” to these therapies. In addition, there will be information available for anyone who is interested in receiving Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.



Mystery Night with Gloria: Prepare to take your mind and imagination into a new land, a new time and place. Losing the bonds of this world and our own mind forgetting who and where we are. Live actions theatre type role-play mystery. An afternoon of intrigue, fun, laughter and imagination, like we once did when we were little kids. Can you remember being a soldier or having a cup of tea with your favorite talking stuffed animals, how I miss being care free.




Expressive Collage Therapy: Remember when you were a child and you were asked to dream and put together a future that excited you. There will be plenty of items to put on your collage, make sure you bring some pictures of yourself so you can make the collage personal and yours. You will be asked now, as a person with a different ability to dream again, to put yourself into an imaginary world where you get excited again, you will get to take this work home with you.



mike the builder

Team Building Craze: Those of you who don’t know our mike the builder guy the collector of everything. He has been working on a truck load of wood at random sizes and lengths and will be hosting a building event that you can build the frame of a house if you wished. It will be an interactive team event. The group that is at camp will figure out who’s on who’s team, last year it was the boys against the girls but however it is prepare to use your imagination



micro greens

Finding Peace with horticulture & Microgreens: Working with your hands planting and growing has huge therapeutic value and is healthy for you by eating right. Learn all about hot to grow and eat Microgreens & more can be grown hydroponically with virtually no mess. It is perfect for counter-top or outside gardening. Our step-by-step kits take the guesswork out of growing. Experiment with growing all types of Microgreens for an exciting and challenging new hobby.




Disability Rights of Washington

“Reisha Abolofia and David Lord will discuss guardianship and focus on alternatives. They will describe how “supported decision -making” can help secure civil rights, promote autonomy and prevent abuse.”




Going to be offering the beginning parts to becoming a certified peer support person, it many different aspects of support, learn how it can change someone life for the good forever, how it can make a difference between a life of constant problems and intense interactions and one of peace and meaning. Disabiity is tough and many times PWD have a chip on with them, thinking they are owed or might complain about everything . Peace, connection and meaning is what life is meant to be



Advance Facilitator Education: In today’s support group world as groups are doing more and more in terms of empowerment, engagement and opportunity for all. It is becoming increasingly important to know what to do in many more settings, How to use the new self-help modules developed by TBINetwork and 4 major medical centers, how to keep participants safe in a wide variety of situations how to keep your organization or self-safe from causing harm while trying to serve people it is a complex thing, learn some of what has been learned


How to find all the resources and information to get the best care possible. Organization have an agenda a rule of thumb if they don’t list them on line they are agenda driven, don’t be controlled or perhaps not knowing about the better resources available, learn how to teach people to find all the resources not just the ones someone would want you to know about but all. Its out there and now on a stream line moble ap. Every person out there should know how to use it and where to go to get advice on how to find what you need when you need it.


LAW DOG.png small

LAW Dog & Burgers With Layman Law: For the last several years they have been kind enough to come out and barbeque for us at camp. We have always been able to ask them questions and they have been great at helping us. They are one of the better Law firms in the state of Washington and pretty good people. The have tolerated us survivors for years with a smile. We are asking them to share specific what should I’s and What If’s so we can share that knowledge as mentors with others. More and more we become the first person people find. So as part of our educational module this year this is something huge we need to know.


brkfst 125

Leadership Training for Small Group Supports: Big groups are a great place to share your experiences and learn a lot of things, but there does come a time when you out grow them. This is where the small group comes in finding other common interests besides your disabilities, such as craft groups, yoga groups, speech groups, caregiver coffee groups, bible study, advocacy, fitness groups, book groups, theatre groups and the list goes on and on. We will be offering the tools that you will need to start a small group. You will have all the perks of a big group but focus centered. Leaders will need to take the peer mentor train, pass a background check, and have the commitment to do a group a month.

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